** New for 2009 ** The ability to import and synchronize with HyTek's Team Manager (TM) database of swimmers and parent volunteers is now available!  Demo account provides a sample import to view and test the new feature.
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What are some of the key functions and features of SwimFast?
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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Primary function of SwimFast is to allow volunteers of a swim team to volunteer on-line and assign themselves to meet assignments, easing the effort and coordination to effectively staff a successful meet and track their efforts.

For Swimmers, SwimFast provides on-line sign-in/outs of meets, workout logging, swim buddy assignments and goal tracking against personal and league/team goals for each gender/age group.

For Coaches, SwimFast provides the ability to share their workout notes, favorite drills and swimming tips on-line.


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What is SwimFast?
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Sunday, 17 February 2008

SwimFast is a web application to help assist swim teams with managing their volunteers and to inspire their swimmers to improve their swimming.

SwimFast is a value added service that provides a secured area for additional, common features needed by a swim team. A team can easily integrate (add a link to) from their existing team website for their particular custom team login, or swim families can lookup, access and bookmark their particular team’s login directly from the SwimFast website

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